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At the start of 2018 I mentioned that I would be incorporating dioramas into my work and I have finally begun working on that side of things. Unfortunately for me, self-funding my projects can only go so far and the limit of that funding cannot currently cover expenses for my stop-motion project, so I have moved onwards to dioramas and scale models until I am able to complete my goals for animating the story.

Firstly, a number of ideas I've had outside of this main body of work can start to exist in this medium and will act as much-needed practice while I learn how to work with these unique materials and techniques. Secondly if I were to ever detach this branch of the work from the main narrative, which is very likely should it succeed, it would be able to support itself as an independent body of work (very important!).

I recently made a maquette for a scale model of a Toy Shop -

The Toy Shop started as a recurring dream I had a couple of years ago, beginning in the throes of a migraine. It started as a repeating visual of a ruined landscape, a foggy night and a glowing green neon sign in the distance that read 'Toys'. It may have been months later that I visited this place again, this time without a migraine. The second visit took me through the rubble in the direction of the glowing green sign and when I got closer I could see that despite the wreckage of everything around it, this building was largely untouched by whatever had happened to this place. The shop itself was either closed, or the door was a fake as I couldn't gain entrance. There was a window on the side of the building that was slightly lit up with a fading yellow light, showing an old and unkempt display of toys. Beyond the display, I saw empty shelves stretch far away into darkness. Above the Toy Shop was what appeared to be apartments with no entrance or exit, save for a rusty fire escape that I couldn't reach. There were lights on in some of the windows but no sign of life or shadows moving in those rooms.

That has been the full extent of the reoccurring dream so far, which is why it was relegated to an idea for a side-project should I ever figure out how I want to make it real.

If I go with some pre-made materials I will make the final piece in a 1:12th scale but I am going to practice making some scratch-built features and see if I can render the details well enough for a more reasonable 1:24th scale.

I am currently working on my second maquette for a large-scale installation piece based on the city in my main body of work. There are a lot of pieces to build but I hope to have some pictures soon!