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This is a painting I currently have 'in progress', a brutal lesson in remembering to use that handy Liquin I purchased to avoid waiting for layers to dry...

Following along the same narrative as other work I've posted, this piece depicts another scene in the city. While navigating the seemingly endless corridors of the blank city before it begins its life cycle, I encounter what I've come to call the 'Caretakers' for ease of referring to something that doesn't have a name.

[ I'm not sure when this symbol started to occur in my dreams, but it is very rare. Just a couple of years ago, a dream that took me near them caused my first real sleep paralysis. ]

I can only assume that whatever is manifesting this symbol in my sleep state is not acting out of benevolence due to the absolute horror of its appearance, but I'm open to finding out.

I have mixed feelings about the painting so far - My life drawing is not as good as it could be and despite trying to pull from references, I am still interpreting the values from thin air. On the other hand, it's a fair start and I am looking forward to thickening the darkness, bringing in the light source and bringing dimension to the characters. I am also going to look into other methods of underpainting as I have been using the same style since forever ago and it's not the catch-all method I used to think it was.