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Wow, four months later...!

Since January I have been working on multiple projects bit by bit, in-between long work hours and other commitments. Since my last progress update the large painting is now almost done - I reworked about 80% of the entire painting and it currently sits drying, awaiting some dry-brushing and then a lick of varnish.

I wanted to share some of the background story for the painting and I hope it doesn't get too convoluted (some things I haven't shared yet would provide more clarity on the matter). Here is something I wrote around the time I first saw this place in a nightmare:

"A monumental arcade reached to the very limits of what I could see. Flesh fell from the arches, crashing like great slivers of iceberg and bloating the living mass beneath. Writhing limbs and newborn faces swam the rivers of viscera that flowed into the street where I stood.

One of the arches did not discharge the residents so freely, it revealed a crude path ripped through the bloody sea. Along the path I glimpsed my aggressors for the first time. Architects? Caretakers? Casual observers? Whatever they were, they had only previously been noticed in reflections and from the very edge of my vision. Even from this distance, they appeared larger than humanly possible with slender pointed heads twitching toward each other. I hurried on, stumbling clumsily away from the arcade into one of the hundreds of alleyways in the city, sure that I had just witnessed a great mockery of creation - The citizens returning home."

I only have two written records of seeing this arcade, the other encounter found it to be dark and empty, stretching impossibly far into the shadows. The painting doesn't quite reflect the written description but I may revisit the words at another point and see if there is another perspective I can investigate.