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Not unlike every other blog I've ever had, this one has been cast aside and forgotten of late. Partly due to an eventful year so far, partly due to adopting a sphynx cat that will not abide by my sculpting and partly due to inspiration coming in waves and troughs.

There is, however, some excellent news! In one month I will have my very first private studio. It's a home studio and with a door between myself and my cats, I can finally start working on my projects unhindered. Having to put tools and sculptures away every time I'm finished associates the creative act as something that isn't spontaneous. It also means that I previously couldn't work on anything bigger than what I could fit in a cupboard ie. set design and large sculpts, because it would be destroyed before sunrise. Enough about my personal chaos.

I've been working on facial musculature, finding a grey area between anatomically correct and what I think looks interesting. As a side-project I'd definitely like to work towards some more academic, classical style sculpture but my current work does not warrant the need just yet. The head needs some cleaning up as some of the clay dried enough to prevent fine detail, once that's done I want to add a layer of silicone skin.