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In The Oubliette, the lines between life, death, waking and dreaming are unclear and with this in mind, the human body is not subject to all rules of nature and order.

The prologue primarily features this puppet, so I'm switching back and forth between two different forms of the same character to speed things up a bit. So far I have finished/cured the skull but the pelvis needs some tidying and shaping before it's done. Today I will also be starting the process of musculature and skin over the skull. This is going to be tricky but if it works out I will be very happy - The idea is to build a framework for the head that can be transferred between puppets depending on the story progress, but have removable parts such as the skin to signify a state of decay and change. I'm not concerned about being medically accurate, the important part is having fun!

Once this puppet is fully completed, I will focus all of my attention on set building so that I can start filming the prologue as soon as possible.