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Puppet fabrication continued...

The main character for the stop-motion piece now has a body! Or rather, something that is 90% complete but looks significantly better than a metal skeleton. There is still some shaping to do while possibly adding more bulk to some areas, but the time-consuming work of fitting the foam to the metal is done so adjustments will be swift.

I didn't have a body shape in mind when I started trimming the foam down so it's very generic, but I have considered a few ways to give the character more personality such as tapered limbs or a top-heavy approach. Despite the foam being fairly dense to begin with, I have a suspicion that when the puppet is clothed I would be dealing with compressed areas where a real body would not. Working outside of silicone molding I have to be prepared for imperfections so even if I have an ugly (naked) puppet, I should be able to hide my shortcomings with clothing.

Hands have been a source of great frustration for me, as well as feet, but I haven't the patience to even approach feet yet. Luckily, my 'hand-made' hands are easier to work with that hands made with the armature components (attached to the puppet in the pictures) but I am keeping my options open. I have never worked with SFX latex before so my first attempt at building skin on the hands failed quickly. I was applying the latex conservatively and with a sponge, as opposed to dipping the wire armature or layering sheets of latex and spot painting in the knuckles and other details.