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018.12.2017 - Goals for 2018

I don't normally set myself a list of goals for a new year, certainly not a public list anyway, but I am feeling inspired in my art once again and I am looking forward to seeing what the new year brings. I haven't shown work publicly since 2015 and my last solo show was almost four years ago so to say that I'm out of the 'loop' would be an understatement at the very least. On top of that, my decision to begin focusing on more personal works has already proven to be a difficult endeavor so there's that hurdle to overcome, while I get back into the swing of exhibiting my work. Dealing with the reality that I'm not making pretty work anymore means I'll have to look further afield than Ottawa to find my audience which terrifies and excites me in equal measures, I have some places in mind already but there is a LOT of work ahead.

Another goal and a recent revelation has opened up a new possibility for me, one that I have wanted to do for a few years but for various reasons have not - Diorama and Miniature work. This is the most direct link to my photographic work these days, as it will enable me to continue ideas I had for my photography while blending seamlessly with my current themes. I could never rally a Crewdson-esque production as a photographer, but my experience with model-making opens those ideas again to a smaller, manageable scale. It's been a difficult craft to get going on as most of the reference material I've found has been centered around small, detailed works like the amazing art of Marc Giai-Miniet [link] and Ronan-Jim Sevellec [link] which are so far beyond my skill level but incredibly inspiring.

I started to do research into more broader miniature work and I eventually decided that I'd start working in 1:12 scale, a traditional scale for dolls houses. Working in this scale will allow me to find a lot of pre-made items so that I can focus on modifying everything to fit the aesthetic I have in mind. I'm going to start this project in January and if I can complete it by December I'll consider it a success!

I need to find a better way to map out my project, to organize world-building, mythologies, beginnings and ends and the who's and what's. I have many years worth of notes, books and sketches that could be incorporated into this stage of my art but I have been solely focusing on the recurring dreams into this one place that everything else has become increasingly disorganized.

Aside from those big goals, there is the usual set of goals to get better at every aspect of my work, learn new things, find ways to communicate my ideas more clearly and push myself past what is comfortable.

I read a quote recently by Georgia O'Keeffe -

Whether you succeed or not is irrelevant, there is no such thing. Making your unknown known is the important thing.

While the quote is ever appropriate especially for what I'm doing right now, whenever I see O'Keeffe's name I'm reminded of a memory, maybe 24/25 years ago, when I painted my first picture - A crude representation of an O'Keeffe flower. I don't remember exactly which one but I'll never forget the appetite it gave me to make art by any means possible. I'm still trying at this art thing, so that must count for something.