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Revenant; A Custodian of Shifting Dimensions, 26x10x12cm, 2017

Inside of The Oubliette, beyond the desert, lies a colossal grey cube that waits patiently for the touch of any that survive the journey across those dry, featureless sands. Inside the cube, a city begins its transformation; Ancient gears creak into life while monolithic pieces arrange themselves almost imperceptibly in a glacial waltz.

When the prisoner investigates the still-forming cube city, he glimpses figures moving within the deeper shadows where the light has not yet penetrated. The figures drift about in the gloom, seemingly with purpose and yet their tasks remain unknown to him as they effortlessly evade his pursuit.


I've moved onto the next piece already, but the frequency of this type of character in the narrative and variations thereof, means I can (and will) revisit in the future. If anything this one is a constructive study on what I must improve on, but I'm happy with that.