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Back in 2014, I started to weave together fragments from a dream diary into a flexible narrative, looking for re-occurring themes and places and attempting to communicate with the 'figures' that lurk in the shadows. Themes started to bubble to the surface the more I investigated this world, anatomy and architecture becoming more prominent while others gradually became clear over the next couple of years.

Anatomy has been an educational theme to explore so far, from an artistic perspective as well as how deep the theme runs underneath dreams and nightmares. Prior to this project, my history with sculpture was limited to highly-abstracted work, architectural and conceptual for the most part, so anatomy and figurative work in three-dimensions is still very new to me. It's been a unique experience to go from the idea of a person or creature to being able to touch it and see the musculature and features create shadows under lamplight.

All of the bigger sculptures up to this point are non-moving, but I am simultaneously working on removable parts to go onto jointed armatures in preparation for the stop-motion portion of the project.

The base 'skull' is sculpted around a wire and tinfoil armature, then it is cured before the facial topography is mapped out over it.