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I have made some progress on building up the body in all its fleshy glory. The head is temporary, it was originally meant for another piece that ended up on the scrap heap. Either I will re-work this one because I like the enlarged scale of it, or I'll build another from scratch before finishing the neck.

The final stage will be tricky as I have to detach the armature from the temporary base that it's bolted to, onto a permanent fixture. What makes this more difficult than it should be is the fact that this began as a semi-articulated 'puppet' and two of the joints aren't reinforced, so moving it could cause both the arm and the leg to tear away.

I'm not sure how much of a chance I am taking, but I wont be curing the clay when the piece is finished. I'll let it air dry to harden up as much as possible and cover it until a plexi-case can be made for it.