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Cathedral Outpost


Cathedral Outpost, 2018.

Paper and card, 1:24th scale (6.5 x 5 x 4.5 inches)

I found myself standing inside of a small room about the size of a food truck. The room was illuminated by small interior lights as well as flood lights leaking in from the outside. One side of the room was a large observation window with a small contraption that I came to know as an airlock where samples were passed back and forth. The other side of the room consisted of two dirty and disheveled cots hanging from the wall and books upon books, piled up on top of cabinets, next to piles of maps and other unknown documents. Inside the room was one other person, a lady, who was occupied with the various text books and maps.

Beyond the room, the light shone bright. At the very edge of the light I could see vast walls that when properly observed would prove to be colossal pillars. The pillars ascended into absolute darkness and the true dimensions of this interior were unfathomable.

A third person, a man, made themselves known, but this time he was outside of the room. He wore a hazmat suit and carried a pale of items and proceeded to place each item into the airlock one by one; A wrench, a pencil, a torn shred of metal, burnt paper. The lady insisted on accepting these items as a matter of correct quarantine procedure. This was not quite the case however, as the pencil was not passed through correctly and was touched by bare flesh. The man immediately dropped his pale and ran to the door, rushing his protocol for decontamination. Once inside, we stood in horror as the lady was consumed by the pencil that was saturated in tangible darkness - She couldn’t hear us anymore, the air around her became stagnant and all noise was sucked out of reality. The man wrestles the pencil from her grip and throws it out of the airlock and both the lady and the room slowly return to normal over a matter of minutes.

When the dust had settled, the man told us we could take turns sleeping and keeping watch. The lady told us that we will try this all over again tomorrow.